Since 2002 TDK Lawn Care, Inc. (Timely, Dedicated, and Knowledgeable Lawn Care) has been taking care of its clients and providing a complete, honest, and professional lawn care service that includes lawn mowing, fertilizing, aerating, over seeding, yard cleanups and snow removal. Our mission is to create an annual lawn care program that focuses on your corporate or individual needs.  TDK Lawn Care offers several different options giving you the lawn you deserve at a price you can afford.  For more information or a free estimate please call Lee at (402) 440-8265.
We all have good intentions at the beginning of the year that this will be the year that we will have a great lawn!  But somehow, by the end of the summer it looks like buffalo have been roaming on it.  If we look around though, it’s not the same for everyone.  What are they doing, that I’m not?  

There are 5 steps you can take in creating a healthy green lawn.
1.Water at the correct times, with the correct amount of water for your grass type.  (Blue              grass requires ¼” every other day.  Tall fine fescue requires 1” per week.)
2.Varying the heights of the mower for the variety of climates here in Nebraska.  (During              the warmest months, the mower height should be between 3” – 3 ½”.)
3.Aerating your lawn once to twice per year.  (Aerating is usually done in the fall and                    spring when the grass is growing rapidly, and repairs itself easily.  We also recommend            at this time that you over seed with a turf tall fescue).
4.Over seeding should be done with drought and fungus resistant seed.  Tall fescue works          well for this.  This is usually done in the spring or mid to late September.
5.Having the correct fertilizing schedule.  (Usually includes a 6 step program for an                       average lawn.  Using pre-emergent, weed and grub control along with a Winterizer. 

Have you ever noticed how green the golf courses are?  Have you ever wondered why yours can’t look like that?  What we have found is by using these 5 steps your lawn becomes a healthy lawn.  This leads to fewer weeds, and a stronger root system that can overcome our climate here in Nebraska.

Creating Healthy Lawns
* Based on a 3,000 Sq. Ft.
1600 Van Dorn - Lincoln, NE 68502
By: Lee Schumacher
Licensed & Insured
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